Sand Dollars was born from our wish to portray a world full of contradictions, contradictions that go from parties and vacations, to love, betrayal, pleasure, morality and loneliness. This is the world that emerges from the book Les dollars des sables written by the French author, Jean-Noël Pancrazi; that world is, in a certain way, Las Terrenas: the town where we previously filmed Jean Gentil, a place where Dominicans from the countryside coexist with other Dominicans from the capital, and also with a group of Europeans that have lived there for years, some of them even considered as founders of this new life here.

The film is a very free adaptation of the novel Les dollars des sables, using elements that contribute to create an atmosphere, Anne and Noeli’s intimate world: an impossible relationship, concern for one another and loneliness.

Noelí is a girl who has thoughtlessly been prostituting herself for a long time, who dreams of leaving the island and going somewhere in Europe to have a better future. Anne is a migrant in the opposite direction, from France to the Dominican Republic, looking for pleasure, relaxation and to forget, instead of looking for work. 

Contradictions as having to pay for company, to pay to solve everyone’s problems, the wish to belong, to be helpful and useful, and the impotence of not knowing how and to always feel like an outsider. Of assuming a place, a life or going after a distant illusion.